3 of the Best Editing Software to Make your Videos Instantly Better

Good editing tools make your content more appealing and help you break away from the crowd. Have you always wanted to make your videos look more professional but held back thinking, it required a huge investment? Well, this may change your mind.

We've curated 3 of the best free video editing software you can use for your next video:

1. Lightworks

If you are looking for easy to use software, look no further than Lightworks! The free version supports a wide range of video formats, export videos up to 720p and best of all is it doesn't have any watermarks. The interface is customizable and comes with a bunch of royalty-free media.

2. OpenShot

Openshot is a simple free to use video editor. The UI is easy to understand and it has multiple tracks where you can layer videos easily, add transitions, titles, and effects. Openshot packs in loads of advanced functionalities like adjusting individual keyframes.

Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

3. DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve is the best all in one solution for editing, visual effects, motion graphics, colour correction and audio post-production.

The UI is easy and intuitive for new users, the drag and drop feature makes editing seamless! The free version includes dozens of transitions, effects and titles that make it easy to create professional work.

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux!

As a new YouTuber OpenShot or Lightworks is a great place to get started, then you can advance to DaVinci Resolve.

Shoutout: iMovie is similar to OpenShot and Lightworks (exclusively for Mac).

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