3 Ways to Earn Money with YouTube

With 5 billion videos watched every day, 1.9 billion logged in viewers and with viewers watching content for 40 mins on average, YouTube has become the go to platform for businesses and advertisers to promote their products or services.

This boom in traffic has created a gold mine of opportunities for content creators to earn revenue and make YouTube a full-time source of revenue.

Here are 3 ways to earn revenue with YouTube:

1. Become a YouTube Partner

Getting accepted by YouTube into their Partner Program is the first revenue stream you'll likely explore. You can get accepted into the YPP by having a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months and comply with all of YouTube's monetization policies.

Once you qualify for YPP you will unlock several other streams of incomes other than ad revenue. Channel Memberships, YouTube Premium and Super Chats are some features where you can tap your fans' wallets to get paid.

Merchandise Shelves give you the opportunity to increase your exposure by taking your online brand/personality into the offline world.

2. Affiliate Links and Referral Codes

Affiliate links is a great alternative to YPP, as this doesn't have any eligibility criteria and the product/service you choose to promote is completely in your own hands and you can promote multiple links in a single video.

This is a great option and does very well with channels whose content is to educate viewers, like product reviews or how-to's. You don’t have to worry about shipping, tracking numbers, inventory and all of the other responsibilities every time a company makes a sale off your link, you get paid for it. Make sure to choose a product or service that resonates with your audience to maximize your sales.

Channels like Marques Brownlee and Unbox Therapy constantly promote affiliate links in their videos to earn revenue.

3. Sponsored Content

Brands are investing a large proportion of their advertising budgets on influencers who have a large engaged loyal fan base and whose content is relevant to their product niche and target audience.

The advantage of getting people to sponsor your video is because you directly negotiate with the business directly and you don't have to pay YouTube for it.

Watch Alexa Likes speak more about how a small YouTuber can make money with sponsorships.

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