3 Ways You Can Get More YouTube Views During The Holiday Season

The best time of the year is here in full swing and content creators are rushing to push out as much content as possible in order to rake in some serious views hoping to cash in on some pretty easily video topics to create. With more and more people hopping onto the site in search of gift ideas, cooking tutorials, or just overall good feeling entertainment, the potential to grow your YouTube channel is pretty much endless! From month-long themed series to holiday-themed challenges, there really is no shortage of video ideas out there waiting for you!

Here are three you can make use of:

1. Try out Vlogmas

Ah, yes, the trend that dominated the platform for most of the 2010s. Basically, the term ‘vlogmas’ means vlog every day until Christmas. This is similar to other month long trends like ‘veda’ or, vlog every day in August. YouTube is all about consistency… the more you upload, the more the algorithm favors your content. The idea is that if the algorithm can trust that you’ll stick around, consistently publishing content, your viewers know to log in every day to tune in to your channel, therefore keeping people used to actively logging on to the site. Overall, this is a great way to give your viewers an inside look at your day-to-day life leading up to Christmas, providing the opportunity for your viewers to be more engaged and stay on your channel for longer!

2. Gift idea Unboxings

During the holiday season, chances are you’ll stumble upon a whole lot of unboxing videos. Why? Well people need ideas for gift giving! If your channel falls into the beauty niche, this is a great opportunity for you to unbox and review some holiday-themed makeup or even just your top picks from the year that would make for some great gifts! Even if you’re not all that into beauty, try picking out some items, whether it be tech accessories, clothing, or even your Amazon top 10, and review it on camera. This is a sure-fire way to drive traffic to your channel and rake in those views!

3. Holiday Challenges

Throughout the month of December, chances are you’re keen on watching those Christmas cookie decorating, chubby bunny, or even holiday-themed card game challenges that YouTubers use as an opportunity to collab with other creators and double their views, raking in a whole lot more views than they normally would! Don’t worry, though! That might not be possible this year with the pandemic going on… so try out maybe a timed cookie decorating challenge or even a holiday-themed video game challenge. The possibilities are endless, and this idea can apply to all genres and niches!

Whether you’re a frequent vlogger who has a bunch of ideas, even a month’s long worth of them, and are just looking for a general theme to wrap them around or a beauty guru in need of something to accent your standard unboxing and review style videos, the holiday season is a great, sure-fire way to rake in those views and drive traffic to your channel! It’s also important to note that the end of the year is typically the time for higher CPM rates, making you could earn more per thousand views than you normally do. Even more reason to upload more frequently.

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