4 Ways to Get Lots of Comments on YouTube Videos

If you want your YouTube channel to rise up rankings, you need a perfect ‘commenting campaign’. YouTube’s algorithm will push your video higher up in the visibility scale, as your comments increase.

Here are 4 highly effective ways that have worked wonders in boosting comments for thousands of famous YouTubers:

1. Always ask a Question

If you want more comments, you should be engaging your viewers in every single video with some kind of question. You must have heard this advice and you probably already know this but you still might not be doing it. You need to get into the habit of asking questions now and improving your questions as your videos go on so that later when you have a solid audience, you will feel confident to ask questions – you’ll be a pro & you will ask the best kind of high-engaging questions!

Some of the best questions to ask are the ones that kind of draws on your experience, your knowledge or an opinion related question.

2. Say something ‘controversial’

It doesn’t need to be a crazy topic that causes lots of arguments like for instance abortion, marriage equality but just something that probably everyone has some kind of view on that maybe a lot of people have the same view on that you have a different view on. You almost definitely have opinions that are not necessarily in line with the public opinion. If you can draw out those opinions in your videos and really back yourself up when you talk about them, chances are that people will see your point of view or maybe they have always thought that way but have never felt brave enough to say something about it.

3. Comment on other YouTube videos

You have to be a little careful with this one but it is something that is very useful. It helps in building relationships with people and helps you connect with other YouTubers. But make sure to comment on channels that are similar to your channel or who are genuinely interested in your content.

Here are some comment tricks that might help you:

4. Feature community comments

This is something that definitely helps. You could make the end of your video featuring comments like insightful comments, funny comments or the nicest comments you get. It’s a nice way to give back to your viewers by letting them know that they are amazing and how much their support motivates you to build better content. This will in-return push them to comment more.

Check out communitychannel – She dedicates the last few minutes of her video on only featuring comments:

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