5 Mistakes New Creators Make on YouTube

1. Not Being Original

Your idol creator might have inspired you to start a new YouTube channel. But a common mistake we see with new YouTuber creators is, copying their favourite creator’s ideas. Copying a creator’s idea does more harm than good, firstly it doesn’t give viewers anything new or unique to watch and second it dampens your creativity.

How to fix this? Copy ideas, not content. Use their ideas and put your own touch to them, adding style and personality. This will set you apart from the rest and gives your viewers more incentive to watch and share your videos.

2. Not Investing in Their Channel

Are you motivated to work on your channel?

YouTube is a crowded place and with over 38 million channels out there, it’s hard to see results immediately. Many new YouTube creators lose confidence when their efforts don't yield views quickly. This translates into inconsistent and poor-quality videos, not interacting with your viewers and ignoring your channel analytics alltogether.

"Small things done consistently, in strategic places, creates major impact" - David Allen

Without prioritizing your channel, how will it grow and become successful?

As a small channel, your role as a creator must be the #1 priority. Plan out your content in advance and make an upload schedule which you can keep up with. This will save you time spent brainstorming ideas and gives you more room to work on your editing. Staying consistent with content uploads will keep the algorithm in your favour. Respond to comments to build your community and study your analytics to understand what your viewers like and don’t. Dedicating more time and effort will see your channel flourish.

3. Not Nailing Down a Niche

As a new creator, you will be buzzing with many ideas and will want to produce content in different genres. Not having a clear idea or theme for your channel will confuse your audience and maybe a stumbling block in your progress.

YouTube prefers specific content, the more you niche down the algorithm will favour your channel. Pick a niche that excites you but is broad enough to give you endless content ideas. Nailing down your niche will help you quickly align your content and upload videos your audience will subscribe to.

4. Not Optimizing Your Videos

New creators make this BIG mistake of uploading videos but not optimizing them for traction. Ignoring your titles, video descriptions, tags and thumbnails will stagnate your channel.

YouTube like Google is a search engine, hence, to get your videos to more people you need to give YouTube more information about your video, so it gets suggested to more people. Find keywords related to your niche and include them in your titles, descriptions, and tags. This will improve your video’s SEO and get it in front of more people.

Quick Tip: Use the search bar to find keyword-friendly titles within 5-10 words.

5. Not Telling More People About Your Channel

Promoting your videos is as important as making them. If you have tons of content on your channel but people aren’t watching it, then what’s the point? Stop flooding your channel and work on promoting your content.

Tip: Cross-promote your videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok where you can reach a different audience.

Reddit is another place to look at to promote your channel, picking the right subreddit will not only get more people to know you but also give you feedback on your content as well.

Starting a new YouTube channel is exciting and can be a big step. You’ve put in the work, be patient, and enjoy the journey. The above tips can help you break past the initial learning curve of YouTube and start growing your channel!

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