5 Must Know Hacks To Write Viral YouTube Titles

Not getting any luck with clicks onto your YouTube videos? Maybe the YouTube algorithm didn’t pick it up, maybe the thumbnail wasn’t eye catching enough, but most importantly, maybe the title didn’t attract enough eyes. A good YouTube video title is vital to the success of any of your videos and your channel as a whole. This is your opportunity to let the personality and topic of your video shine through in just a few words. Hopefully this will be enough to drive massive traffic to your channel. But don’t worry, you don’t entirely have to hold out on hope! There are a few simple things you can do to ensure your video titles are engaging, attractive and concise enough to attract the right audience.

Here are 5 must know hacks to write viral YouTube titles:

1. Short and sweet!

This is where a lot of creators go wrong… Often times you might want to opt for a more lengthy, descriptive title for many different reasons. First, you might think the topic if your video is too complex for a short 2-5 word title, and warrants some more explanation. Try. To think of the overarching topic of your video and then narrow those words down.

2. You don’t have to explain the whole video in one title!

A lot of times, your video may have multiple sections throughout, where so many things happen it can be hard to concise it all into one title… Whether it be because it’s a vlog or a long drawn out Q&A that you don’t want to simply title “Q&A”, there is a simple work around. Try making the title of your video based off of the most intriguing, high point of your video. Not only does this leave the viewers wanting to watch your video all the way through, waiting for that climax, but it also allows for a concise, to the point title.

3. Don’t be afraid to Clickbait!

The days of viewers being annoyed by a clickbait title are long gone as the practice has recently become the norm for YouTubers far and wide. The best thing you can do, though, is try to at least make the clickbait title wholly related to the topic of your video so that it at least holds some sort of relevancy and merit.

4. Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes!

A good way to approach the title making process is to think about how you, as a viewer, would react to the title you chose. Try asking yourself, “would I click on this?”, “would people other than myself find this interesting?”. Looking at the process from this point of view is a surefire way to ensure the likability of your content.

5. Keywords, keywords and more keywords!

Once you have everything else figured out, it’s important to make sure that you are including the right keywords into your video title! Try taking the topic of your video and doing a google search of it, this will show you other related phrases, words, and even other titles similar to your video that other people are searching for!

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