5 Tips on How to Establish Audience Loyalty When You’re Just Getting Started

All anyone wants when starting out their YouTube channel is subscribers. And is that so bad? The whole point of the platform is to garner a following and create content for that following. But how do you create content for an audience you don’t have yet? You have to start from somewhere—0 subscribers. Getting the views is half the battle, but keeping the views is the most important one of your entire YouTube career. From likeability to cliffhangers and especially niche specific content, there’s no shortage of how to’s to make sure you’re building the best, most loyal audience you can on the platform! Here are 5 surefire ways to establish that audience.

1. Be Likeable!

It doesn’t matter how long r how short your videos are, it doesn’t even matter if you have good lighting! All that really matters when it comes to establishing a loyal audience is your personality. You could have done every technical thing right and still never garner a loyal following if you’re come off as rude, entitled, or just overall not someone people would want to be friends with.

2. Offer your friendship

No, this doesn’t mean offer to hang out with a viewer in exchange for a subscription. But rather, it means to offer up advice to your audience as a whole on topics you talk about in your videos. This goes hand in hand with asking your viewers to leave their two cents in the comments, because if you’re giving advice, you’re going to want to see some responses in the comments!

3. Keep them engaged!

This really just means make your videos exciting enough for viewers to want to watch them all the way through. Watch time, as we all know, is vital for YouTube success. If you want your viewers to consistently come back for more, try to perform your best in every video, no matter what the niche is!

4. Put yourself in their shoes!

Probably the best way to get viewers to want to watch your videos is to take into account their needs! What does a person in your target demographic look for in a YouTube video in your niche? How can you provide value? There are all questions you need to ask yourself before making each video!

5. Cliffhangers!

It probably goes without saying, but leaving cliffhangers at the end of a video, promising for the rest in your upcoming video is a surefire way to keep your audience engaged and, most importantly, coming back for more! This whole concept of part 1’s and part 2’s is a method the biggest YouTubers use constantly! Try it out!

Overall, if your goal on YouTube is to get rich and famous, good luck! The better goal, the one you should hold above all else, is to establish a loyal audience that enjoys your content and keeps coming back for more! Go ahead and try out any of these 5 ways and you’ll see results!

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