5 Tips To Get More Likes on Your YouTube Video

“Leave a like down below” and “Engagement is everything!” If you’ve been in the YouTube space for a while, these two phrases have probably been engrained in your brain forever! Every creator on the platform wants to be successful, to come out on top! But the only way to do is that is with, you guessed it—engagement! This can come in many forms. From comments to shares and especially likes, these are the ways your viewers can let you know they see you, hear you and are listening! Better yet, it lets the platform itself, or more specifically, the algorithm, know that audiences are enjoying your content, rendering your video to skyrocket in even more views! Comments and shares are pretty much a given… if the viewer has an opinion, or wants to share the video with their friend, they’ll comment or send a link. But how do you rack up the likes? After all, it’s just a button.

Here are 5 surefire ways to smash that thumbs up:

1. Just Ask!

This one probably goes without saying, but your words are a powerful tool to elicit a response. After all, it’s a free, simple task for the viewer. It’s not hard, but convincing them to do so is its own hurdle. Since we’re talking about the most direct form of asking for a like, it’s important to note when exactly in the video you should be asking! Most YouTubers will opt for the first few seconds of the intro to have their viewers smash that like button… and it makes sense! If you already have a loyal fan base, they probably get excited when they get that notification bell alert that you uploaded a video! So, try starting your video with high energy and simply blurt out “Hey guys, I’m so excited to hang with you today, but before we begin, make sure to smash that like button!” It’s a small burst of excitement that’s sure to get your likes numbers soaring!

2. Provide an incentive

Probably one of the most common, and effective, ways of raking in those likes is providing your viewers with some sort of incentive. This can come in a number of ways, whether it be a promise of more videos uploaded or even an off-YouTube incentive. For example, many creators will say “if this video reaches 500,000 likes, I’ll announce the winners of my giveaway on Twitter early!” This is definitely a way to ensure engagement and get an extra boost in the algorithm!

3. Make Polarizing Content

This one can either go good or bad, but most times it’ll render in your favor! No, you don’t need to make blatantly offensive content to still be polarizing, you just need to share a unique opinion that you know at least some number of viewers will agree with! The best part about this method is that is you don’t even have to ask in the video! You can just let your opinions speak for themselves. Those who agree will rally behind you.

4. Follow the trends!

If there’s a trend floating around YouTube at the time, like for example a holiday tag, go ahead and make your best version of the tag and post while it’s still relevant! Often times, there’s a slew of viewers floating around the platform watching every single video with that topic they can find! And once these viewers find yours, they’ll leave a like!

5. Utilize the ‘liked videos’ tab, even if you can’t see it!

Every user on YouTube, creator or not, has access to the ‘liked videos’ tab—a playlist of all your liked videos. Typically viewers will like a video they want to come back to, since they know where to come back to find it! Try using this to your advantage by creating content that is useful. This can span across all niches, but the best example would be a tutorial or how-to video that viewers would want to come back and reference at their leisure.

Try it out Yourself!

The overall message of the like button comes down to one singular point—engagement. Whether it be good or bad, useful or not, funny or problematic, there’s no shortage of two ends on the like button spectrum. Use these to your advantage and make content that speaks to your own unique message!

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