5 Tips to Get More Views on Your YouTube Video in 2021

It’s a new year! And with a new year comes new opportunities. In the YouTube world, getting views seems to be the main concern for creators across the platform. But as the platform grows more and more popular, and even worse, as other platforms also grow in popularity, there is a sudden overload of content being poured into YouTube every day, making the chances of getting a lot of views all that much harder. Thankfully, there are a few ways around that in 2021. From outsourcing your viewers to curating content for the algorithm, there are a few surefire ways to ensure you’re raking in those views this year!

Here they are:

1. Look elsewhere for viewers!

We are entering a new age of social media—one where garnering a following on other platforms and crossing that audience over to another is a perfectly doable task. If you have a large following on, let’s say, TikTok, work on directing that audience over to your YouTube channel via links in bio or a TikTok video post telling them to do so.

2. Create searchable content!

If you’re making a video where the topic of said video falls into a certain niche/topic, use that to your advantage! Try to nit pick your title for these videos down to the most searchable keywords so that viewers can easily find your video.

3. Take on the trends!

If you notice there’s one thing that’s really popular at the time, go ahead and make a video about it. Try to add your own unique twist to the topic. The best example of this could be the current trend in January 2021, the new song by artist Olivia Rodrigo, “Drivers License”. The song has quickly risen up to garner the most streams in a day ever, breaking “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande’s record. The song became extremely popular on TikTok, but think about if you made a “drivers license” inspired makeup look or alternative music video? That’ll be sure to garner some views in the first part of 2021!

4. Make longer videos!

One of the most widely known metrics of the YouTube algorithm is longer videos. Not only because videos over 10 minutes long are able to hold more than just 1 ad in them, but also because they are simply just favored more to begin with! Let your personality shine and rise up on the ranks.

5. Be consistent!

If you were to choose one single metric to focus on for your YouTube channel, it would undoubtedly have to be consistency! Think about it—if you aren’t uploading, and uploading often that is, how do you expect to grow a loyal audience? Try posting 3 times a week if you can! This not only will give your viewers, and future viewers, enough content to not run out of, but it will also trigger the algorithm to favor your channel. So get out there and post!

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