5 Tips to Improve Audio Quality on YouTube

Your video’s audio quality is just as important as your content. If you have crappy audio where viewers strain their ears to listen, your screwed!

Optimizing videos for better sound quality can be tricky with many factors affecting it. But don’t worry, here are some quick tips that will be a game-changer for your next upload.

  • Room Acoustics: Many of us record content at home. ensure that you choose a quiet room where your voice does not echo or there are no background noises that will dampen your audio quality.
  • Background Audio: Adding music to your videos while you speak surely gives views an enhanced experience. But many a time your background music is louder than your voiceover. Checking your recordings before you publish your final video will bring out any noticeable faults in your sound, which you can correct.
  • Get A Microphone: If you’re looking to give your viewers a true sound experience, investing in a condenser mic is the way to go. They are highly sensitive to sound and vibrations which produce beautiful.
  • Vocal Projection: Another important tip while recoding is keeping your volume in check. Sudden alternating between high and low volume will result in a poor viewer experience and high drop-offs in views.
  • Sound Editing Tools: Irrespective of the device you use while recording, you are going to have some background noise that needs to be edited. Audacity is a free tool for beginners with all the essential features to make your videos sound better.

Limiting the background noise and with these tips, you can record high-quality audio without spending a ton of money on new equipment.

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