How to add end screens to your video

End screens are a powerful tool you can add to the last 20 seconds of your video that will help your channel gain more views and subscribers.

You can promote 4 elements here such as links to other videos, channels, playlists, external websites, subscribe buttons and merchandise.

We recommend adding a subscribe button and your best performing video (the video with the most number of views or subscribers conversions) as 2 of your elements.

Here's how you can add end screens to your video:

1. Sign in to YouTube Studio
2. From the left menu, select Content

3. Choose the video you would like to edit
4. On the right menu, click end screen

5. Click on "+Element" to add elements of your choice

6. Save

Protip: Labeling your elements with text like "watch more" or "subscribe" will make it more clickable and encourage your viewers to take action.

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