How To Build a Kick Ass Gaming Channel – Part 1

Keep It Real and Stay Real

Gaming channels make up more than 30% of the top 20 subscribed channels on YouTube. According to, 31% of video uploaded on YouTube fall under the gaming category, which is the second largest category after People and Blogs.

YouTube’s gaming ecosystem is diverse and competitive. This 3-part series is aimed to gear you with all the basic knowledge you will need to get your channel rolling.

1. Find your voice

Anyone can buy a game and camera, set up a YouTube channel and start uploading videos. To set yourself apart from the rest you need to have a unique personality of your own which will help connect with your audience more than the game itself.

For a successful gaming channel, the creator is the star! Let your real personality shine. Hook your audience with something funny or interesting and then build on it.

Jacksepticey famous for his funny voice over and expressions.

2. Be Original

Being original doesn’t mean doing something that no other gamer is done. It means find what inspires you and make an original version of doing it yourself. Make a list of all of characteristics that make you stand out as a gamer and think about how you can highlight them in your videos.

Try different styles and double down on what works best.

3. Build your community

What makes YouTube unique is that it breaks down the wall in between and invites viewers to be a part of an interactive viewing experience. This two-way communication makes it an interactive viewing experience. Fans consider their favourite creators to be like friends.

Go beyond the game and address your audience, successful creators always find ways to address their audience, the more you speak to them the more comfortable you will feel and make it easier for them to relate to you and support your work.

Reply to comments, use common hashtags that’s unique only to your audience or refer to them with a special name. Create a lingo or gestures that your fans can feel that they are a part of something exclusive.

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