How To Build a Kick Ass Gaming Channel – Part 2

Double Down on Formats That Work

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to making gaming videos. All that matters is that it’s worth watching (and you’re not stealing content).

People subscribe to channel either to be entertained, educated or inspired. To sustain and grow your channel the only thing you need to focus on is Consistency!

Here are a few insights that will help:

1. Find the Right Format

Gaming videos come in tons of different forms such as Walkthroughs, Reviews, Esports, Let’s Play, Comedy Voice Overs, Live Streams or even personal vlogs (just to mix things up a bit and for your fans to know you better).

Choose a format that you’re most comfortable in and the one with which your audience can relate to you the most. Watch your YouTube analytics for viewer retention and your audience engagement.

Once you find a format that suits you and gives you the best results, start working on more content for your viewers.

2. Ideal Number of Uploads

Ask any YouTuber about how they made it big. They all have one thing in common to say, “UPLOAD VIDEOS FREQUENTLY AND CONSISTENTLY”.

To build a sustainable Channel or a Brand you need to get your audience hooked to your channel. The gaming niche is such that people crave for more and more content literally every minute.

When planning your upload schedule, make sure that you keep the following in mind:

  • Keep the number of uploads to where you can focus on quality over quantity
  • Keep reminding your audience on your next video and upload schedule
  • If something doesn’t work don’t be afraid to change it
  • Use the Scheduled Video Publishing Time when you have made several video
  • Don’t burn out! Take a break when you need one and make sure to let your fan know

3. Plan your calendar

Searches for games spike during industry events or new game launches. This is a great time to share your opinion on these events or make content in build up to these events.

Research on new releases & events or be on a constant lookout for video trends. Make a small event planner in advance. This way you can make content that will align with special events, build your viewership and stay on top of your game.

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