How To Build a Kick Ass Gaming Channel – Part 3

Get Your Fans Hooked to Your Channel

Gaming channels are the second most popular genre on YouTube and starting your gaming channel now means you will be sharing the space with some of YouTubes giants like PewDiePie, Markiplier and elrubiusOMG.

The niche Entertains, Educates and Inspires making it a 2nd only to music for views.

Here are a few tips which will make your audience coming back for more.

1. Tell them a Story

Focus on telling a great story. Every video should have a framework you would like to work around. Have an objective you would like to accomplish, for example like a walkthrough of a level in the game. Once you have a framework for your content, everything will fall in place.

2. Mix things up

Fans want to see something new from you from time to time. The key to get them hooked it not to get them bored by making repetitive content.

You can try something new by either collaborating with fans or other youtubers, serial content, unboxing videos or even personal vlogs.

Original Gamer creates content based on weekly collaborations and series.

3. Give Back to Your Fans

They are your biggest strength; they will be a big part of your YouTube journey. Give them a sense of belonging by replying to their comments, give your most loyal fans a shout out, invite them to play a game with you or have an exclusive Q&A session with them.

4. Cross Promote your videos

It’s crucial for you to communicate your content to your audience, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook are great to reach new fans and keep your existing fans hooked to your content. Reddit is a very powerful platform for gamers as it can help you attract tons of new followers.

Having a good social media presence will help you accelerate your channels growth and engage more with your fans.

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