How to Get New Viewers to Subscribe to your Channel

Having a massive subscriber base opens up roads to endless opportunities. Building a loyal fan base is easier said than done. It's difficult for your channel to blow up overnight and see a massive rise in your subscriber count. But, with the right flow, you will see your subscriber base grow steadily.

Here's how you can convert more of your viewers into subscribers:

1. Focus on your niche

The best performing channels on YouTube have strong followings because they excel in their niche. As a new YouTuber, it's easy to get carried away by the endless content ideas out there. With over 38 million channels to compete with, niching down will get your viewers attention. Find your niche where you can make content which your viewers will relate to. Ensure your content is unique, giving your viewers a reason to subscribe to your channel.

2. Be Consistent with your Uploads

YouTube's algorithm favours active channels with a steady line of uploads. So plan content and release them at the same time every week, so your viewers know exactly when your next video will be out. This will keep your subscribers hooked to your channel and also boost your video rankings which will help you reach new viewers.

3. Optimize your Videos

YouTube is not only a social network, it's the worlds second-largest search engine. Use relevant keywords that people are searching for in your video title, description and tags. YouTube's autosuggest is a great place to find keywords for your videos. Just type in a keyword related to your video and YouTube will suggest a list of words people are searching for. As your videos SEO improves you will reach people who are share common interests and convert them into loyal followers.

4. Remind Viewers to Subscribe

You've seen your favourite YouTubers do it. It's time for you to do it too. Viewers tend to forget and they just need to be reminded. Casually asking them to subscribe and using every bit of element like a subscribe button, end screens and pinned comments will see your subscriber count climb up.

Bonus tip: Use end screen elements to hook your audience to watch more of your videos, the more they watch the more they will engage.

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