How to Rank your YouTube Videos Higher

Did you know that people watch more than 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day? Are you looking to expand your YouTube reach and tap into this massive resource?

Here are the top proven SEO strategies to find out how to rank YouTube videos and beat the competition:

1. Keyword Research

YouTube started in 2005 and now is the second-largest search engine after Google itself. If you would like your YouTube videos to be found online, keyword research is super important. Keywords are the words that people are using to search for content.

You can use YouTube’s Search Suggest for a few top keyword ideas. In YouTube’s search bar type in a phrase or a word like below and then YouTube will give you a list of search ideas. The terms that come up are what people are keywords people are using.

2. Regularly Schedule Content

YouTube is very competitive, and to stand out, you need to make sure you’re regularly producing SEO friendly content. Plan out your content in advance and use the YouTube premiere feature to your advantage. So, your subscribers know when you upload, and YouTube pushes it higher up their feed.

3. Use a Strong Thumbnail

Thumbnails can make or break your video’s potential of gaining thousands of views. A high-quality image can instantly boost your CTR and get people to watch the video. YouTube automatically chooses screenshots, but you can choose your own instead of those.

Learn how to improve your CTR with stunning thumbnails here:

4. Have Longer Videos

In an interview with Business Insider, Cristos Goodrow, YouTube’s engineering director, stressed the importance of watch-time. YouTube ranks videos that are longer, higher. The longer the run time of your video, the more ads they can run. Ads generate revenue for YouTube. Hence, your chance of ranking higher on Google/YouTube increase with longer videos.

5. Increase Viewer Retention

The first 10-20 seconds of your video is crucial, as most videos lose viewers at this point. Use this intro to give viewers a quick snapshot of what your video is about. Avoid long introductions as viewers will lose interest. Later, you can also talk about what you’ll discuss later in the video. Hooking your viewers with the intro can boost your watch time and keep them watching till the end.


Learning how to rank YouTube videos is essential. It will help increase watch time, reach new viewers, and convert them into loyal subscribers.

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