How To Turn Your TikTok Followers into YouTube Subscribers

Let’s face it—TikTok is undoubtedly the new wave of social media, and it’s changing the game forever. When Vine came onto the scene back in 2013, that was one of the first takes of mainstream short form content, and since then many other apps and platforms have come up onto the scene to try and replicate or add to this newfound interest form the public on short form video content. YouTube will probably stay around for a long while, but the high production level and work it takes to produce videos from 3 to even 20+ minutes hasn’t caught the eye of the younger crowd. Now that TikTok has taken control of the social media space, it can be somewhat nervous to think about the future of your fan base and how you will continue on if TikTok were to disappear one day. For many the best option is to direct their TikTok followers to other platforms to ensure they know where to find their favorite creator if something were to happen. But how do you convince them to flock to other platforms to look for you?

Here’s a few ways to do it right:

1. Ask them to!

This first one might sound redundant… but simply posting a TikTok video in which you directly ask your followers to go ahead and follow you on other platforms in order to stay connected is a surefire way to effectively rake in those YouTube subscribers. If the repeated “false alarm” TikTok banning circa 2020 taught us anything, it’s to make sure our followers know where else to find us just in case.

2. Utilize the Social Media Button!

Head over to your TikTok account profile… in the bio you’ll find there’s an option to add either an “Instagram” or “YouTube” button, or both, to your bio. This is a surefire way to direct your followers to your other social media platforms. This is a big reason for how some of the biggest TikTok stars like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio have a good ration of TikTok- to Instagram/YouTube followers!

3. Promise “part 2s” on your YouTube!

If you’ve got a really engaging video idea… one that will grab a viewer’s attention and keep it, posting only the first half of that idea onto TikTok to garner that attention is a great idea. Leave the ending at a cliff hanger, and simply prompt your followers to head over to your YouTube channel for the rest.

4. Make sure you make versatile content!

One of the biggest mistakes a creator can make is backing themselves into a corner. If you are known for making certain kinds of videos on the platform, figure out a way that you can capitalize on that and do something with it that could only be done on YouTube. This is a surefire way to force your followers to have no choice but to head over to your YouTube channel and subscribe for more. A great example of this would be mini vlogs that could be extended versions on YouTube!

5. Provide Value!

This serves as the single most important factor for the success, and future, of your following. If you’re producing content that, over the long term, is gradually increasing your follower count, then you’re doing everything right. TikTok is interesting in that you could have one video blow up and wake up the next morning with a million followers… while this is great, it doesn’t mean your followers care much about you yourself, just that one video that “did it” for them. Overall, bring you’re a game and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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