How To Use Your Community Tab To Grow Your Channel

YouTube is a successful social media platform today not just because it’s an opportunity to post long form content, but because it has grown up with social media, or, us, rather. As the internet grows older, new websites and apps and overall social media platforms get thrown into the mix.. Sometimes this can complicate things, making the “standard” more difficult for older, more established platforms to follow suit. The best example of this is “stories”, which originated on Snapchat, but have made their way into nearly every other social media platform on the market including—you guessed it, YouTube. But YouTube is unique in some of its features: that being the Community Tab. Think of it as more of a feed to post updates to your subscribers. But did you know you could use this to your advantage?

Here’s how to use the community tab to grow your channel:

1. Post Frequently!

In order to take full advantage of the community tab, you need to be posting frequently on it! This means before you post a video, after you post a video, and in between videos. This is the best way to keep your subscribers engaged at all times and to ensure that they know you are still around and actively use the platform.

2. Post behind the scenes photos of your videos!

Whether it be a makeup look that was scrapped from the video, or a photo taken of the camera with you in front of it, subscribers like to feel like they’ve gotten a sort of “inside scoop” on your day to day filming process!

3. Tease your video!

Whether it be right before you post a video, or right after, try posting on the community tab a screencap from your video with a part of it blurred out. This could be a blacked out silhouette of a guest starring in your video, or anything else really! This “tease” will get your subscribers excited about your video and want to head over to your channel to check it out.

4. Talk about your community tab posts in your video!

The best example of this one would be to direct your viewers to “look out” for your next community tab post that will outline details on whatever you want to inform them of. A good example of this would be details for a giveaway you’re planning.

5. Engagement on community posts!

Did you know you can like, comment on, and share community posts? This not only give your audience the opportunity to have another opportunity to engage and connect with your content, but it also allows new opportunities for growth! You can actually “rank” on community posts, and show up on the YouTube home page! Try using this to your advantage by filling the text of your community posts with keyword-rich phrases that viewers will likely be searching for! This is an overall surefire way to take yet another feature of the platform and use it to your advantage.

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