How To Write a Channel Description That Gets You More Subscribers

There are quite a few ways to boost the success of your channel, expediting the process and catapulting you into YouTube fame. Often times, however, there is one that goes overlooked. No, it’s not your video thumbnail, or commenting on your own videos. It’s not even the description or hashtags under your videos! The answers lies within your channel itself. Look a little deeper and you’ll find that your channel description is one of the most vital aspects of the survivability of your loyal following. From establishing your personal brand to outsourcing your YouTube subscribers to other platforms, there really seems to be no shortage of opportunities within the channel description.

Here’s how to leverage it to get you even more subscribers:

1. Let the real you shine!

The single most attractive aspect of the channel description is the ability for you to write in whatever you want! This text box serves as the opportunity to put you and what you’re made of into writing for anyone to read and think, “yeah, I definitely want to subscribe!”.

2. This is often the first place people go!

After your video is found by a viewer, they will probably immediately head over to your channel to see what you’re all about. And as aforementioned, what better way to do that than to put the best you into words!

3. Outsource your subscribers!

Another great aspect to the channel description is the ability to add links to other websites right in the text box! This allows you to, let’s say, link your TikTok account you’re your Twitter account. This ensures that your subscribers have other ways of keeping up with you and more importantly, know where to find you in case something happens to YouTube.

4. Keyword optimization!

The great thing about the description being a text box is that this holds opportunity to utilize the algorithm! The algorithm doesn’t know the difference between subtitles in your video, your video description or your channel description. All it knows is words that are attached to your account. So try packing in keyword specific terms and phrases into your description that fall within your niche. This will help direct viewers searching in the YouTube search bar to your channel!

5. Authenticity is key!

Overall, the YouTube channel description is a great place to keep the subscribers you have while also recruiting new faces to your channel subscribers. So, put your best foot forward and bring your personality into the description and, most importantly, put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes and think, “what would I want to see written by my favorite YouTube star in their own description?” Thinking this way will help you to curate your content to the viewer and to catapult you into the YouTube stardom we all strive for. Remember, the sky, or, well, the algorithm is the limit. So do what you can, use what you have, and overall just have fun with it! If you can write it, you can accomplish it!

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