How To Write a Perfect Channel Description

Let’s be honest, to be a successful YouTube channel requires a lot of commitment. You work hard on your content, tweaking it until it sizzles, write captivating titles and pick the right tags. What else is there?

Descriptions. A killer channel description is the key to getting noticed by both ideal viewers and will keep your channel growing for many months to come.

Hidden under the “about” section, the YouTube channel description is most of the time ignored by many. It’s time to use this invaluable resource and tell visitors more about you.

Here are 5 tips to write the perfect channel description:

1. Length

Your channel description allows you to fill in 1000 characters including spaces, however, the first 250 are the most important. Firstly, YouTube shows only 100-125 characters in the snippet in the search results. Second, this is the only part your viewers are most likely to read, so state the most important facts first.

2. Keywords

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Like any search engine your video is ranked based on keywords.

Your description must have a focus keyword and include them 2-3 times in the first few sentences. In addition, using complementary or similar keywords to give extra information will drive up your SEO.

Tip: Use Google’s Keyword Planner or tools like Keywords Everywhere to find new ideas.

3. Offer Value

You need to convey to your viewers what your channel is about through your description. Well, this is the most obvious thing to do. Many YouTubers write about themselves instead of telling potential subscribers what they would get to experience if they subscribed to your channel.

Keep it short and casual, just like if you were telling your friend about your channel.

Look at Unbox Therapy’s About section, is simple to read and conveys to viewers exactly what to expect from their channel.

4. Optional Information

Adding an upload schedule keeps viewers hooked and raises their anticipation for your next video.

Listing your subscriber milestones and using this space to thank your viewers gives them a sense of belonging and will help create a positive and engaged community.

5. End with a Strong CTA

You’ve got your viewers’ attention, use a strong CTA to encourage viewers to take action. You can ask them to subscribe, watch a video on your channel or even signup for your weekly newsletters. Just like Markiplier has done below!

Now since you’ve nailed your channel description, back it up with killer content too.

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