YouTube Basics: Channel Branding

Good branding can help viewers identify your channel and set you apart from the rest. Strong brands are easy to recall because of their uniqueness and consistency. Create a brand that is simple, visually appealing and something that represents you. Make sure to adhere to YouTube Community Guidelines.

Here are 4 places where you can share your brand on YouTube:

1. Channel Icon

It is your profile picture that is displayed on your channel page, as part of your in-video subscribe buttons and to other viewers when you comment. Choose a square or a round image (no GIF’s) which is 800 x 800 px.

You can edit the icon only using your computer, watch the below on how to change your channel icon.

2. Channel Banner

This appears on the top of your channel. This is the largest adverting space of your brand, use it to create a unique feel to your channel. You can also add social media icons in this section. The recommended size is 2560 x 1440 px.

Once you upload your banner, check how your banner will load on different devices as YouTube will scale the image based on the browser and device.

3. Channel Description

This is the about section in your channel. It helps in people understanding more about your channel and also helps YouTube ranking your channel higher. Place keywords in the first few sentences of your description by writing about your channel’s content. Include your upload schedule, social media links and contact info (optional).

4. Channel Trailer

This is a small video trailer when viewers enter your channel. Use it to give your viewers a preview of your channel and make them hit the subscribe button. Make a short video about your channel that will hook your audience and create a lasting impression.

Tip: Use YouTube analytics to pick your best videos and cut scenes which have the highest retention.

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